Friday, September 15, 2017


Whoop whoop whoop !Happy Friday gorgeous people.Good morning from Uasin Gishu County.It's a beautiful morning over here, partly because for the first time in a very long time God's morning star is out honeycomb-yellow and shining like it's existence depends on it, and partly because it's Friday.What a day to be alive! Y'all know what's up.The weekend is here baby!
How is your week so far?Mine is super duper awesome as per usual.
Now if this fabric doesn't look familiar to you then you definitely missed out on THIS post that I did a while back on how it plays out with orange and gold.Be sure to check it out.
Nevertheless, this is my last gold themed post in this series.I got this fabric on a work trip to Dar Es Salaam, pat of which I documented HERE, and the best part yet is that it cost me slightly more than half of what it would cost in Kenya.Quite a steal, huh?
So I then had a tailor sew it into a maxi halter neck dress with a knee high slit on the left side of the front part.He artistically added an elastic band on the neck making it very malleable just in case you're pulling your 'big hair don't care' look.I have shared his contacts and the other outfit details below.

These amazing shots were taken by the very talented NAOMI SAMANTHA with Make up by Ma' Chichi gracing my face with her magic.
Finally beautiful people, I am curious about which of the four looks makes your favorite.I will share mine on my Instagram page, which if you haven't followed, please do so and I'll follow right back.
Till next time, have yourselves a lovely weekend and see you in the next post!

Outfit deets
Dress: Tailored 0713393824
Shoes: Here
Jewellery: A stall at Zion Mall Eldoret(can't recall the name)

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Thursday, September 7, 2017


There are days when you just want to be xxxxxxxxtra. Those days are very rare for me but this look's got me like...(Insert fifty emojis with pink cheeks)

Anyways, here's the third way to style those gold pumps, while staying bad and boujee. I bet we're all in agreement that black is a wardrobe staple that we can't live without.

I decided to work with some gold accents and my favorite favorite are the embellishments on the shoulder part of the top.Awesome decorative detail.

Photography : Naomi Samantha 
MUA: Make up by Ma'chichi

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Friday, September 1, 2017


 Sometimes I wonder why gold did not make it to the list of neutrals.It has never been my favorite color but it's slowly winning me over.
Hello September!, we are only four months away from Christmas.Well, three months and twenty four days away sounds better.
August has been a long month.The days just never seemed to move but well, were here. It's the first day of September and it is a beautiful day.Do I need to spell it out? I guess not.
Onto more golden things, how do love this ensemble?White, hot pink and gold.Lots of gold.The story of this head gear is the story of a thousand Tanzanian girls,it's the story of a thousand voices and it's the story of change, that of a new story.If you have been following my blog, then you already know about the fascinating facts I shared about Dar es Salaam in this post.If not, please run there and borrow some tips on the nooks and cranny of Dar life, for you next trip to Dar.
Please share your thoughts in the comments section.Don't forget to share and subscribe.
Till next time, I wish you my lovely readers a prosperous month full of God's blessings!
 Outfit details
 Dress :Thrifted
Headgear: Made from a kikoi I bought in Dar es Salaam
Shoes: Same here

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