Thursday, April 12, 2018

The side of Rwanda you haven't seen : Lake Kivu

I'm divided between saying a thousand and one words about the land  of a thousand hills,  and just letting you guys enjoy these pictures. Well I'll share some quick facts about lake Kivu. 
The 2400 sq km lake lies on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda housed by two towns,  Rubavu/Gisenyi on the Rwandan side and Goma on the DRC side. Kivu contains high concentrations of naturally occurring methane gas that both Rwanda and the DRC are prospecting to tap and utilize for methane to power projects and other uses like fertilizer production. Take a closer look at some of the pictures below,  there is a drilling rig in the middle of the lake doing it's thing. Also, the resources above and beneath lake Kivu are shared equally between the two hosting countries. 
Now,  onto more interesting things( I'm no geologist) 😂😂😂, what to do at Lake Kivu? 
1. Take a boat ride to Goma, have lunch and ride back. 
2. Watersport fun
3. Savour the flavors (second best grilled fish I've ever had
4. Get some tan. Too bad it's the rainy season in Rwanda. I didn't get to try this
5. Sit back and enjoy the view. There is some sort of calm that comes from nature irrespective of where you are.Visualize doing that with this view. 
6. Of course swim. ( I prefer getting a floater and being safe) 😂😂😂😂
Of importance to note is the  experience of a breathtaking  ride from Kigali to Gisenyi between the hills. 
Also, one fact that makes Kivu an awesome holiday destination is that it has a thousand and one accommodation options to choose from, depending on your budget.

Kivu Serena 


Your typical ride

We're not alone in this.. Lol

The Kigali convention center by night 
My Outfits

Goma from a distance 

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Monday, March 5, 2018


It's such a beautiful blessing to have a strong support system. To have people who believe in you, the few who are the wind in your wings,  those who clap when you win, the people in our lives who put smiles on our faces on the days when our hearts are too small to feel the big things, those who hold your hand when you're too weak to walk and those who hold you up when you fall. 
February has been short. Waay too short.A lot has happened and I feel like I have already lived through the whole of 2018.From losing my nephew...Rest in peace lil  man ,till we meet again. You are a true son of your mother, you fought like a warrior... You'll forever be in our hearts.Till we meet again. 
....To the February heat. I thank God for the rains, but then sometimes I feel like taking back my words about the hot sun especially when I'm not able to leave the house because it won't stop raining. What a life. 
I've been through a lot these past weeks and more than ever I am grateful to God for the gift of friendship and love.Despite everything, I have had overwhelming support from my "support system". You know yourselves. I love you. 
So I took a few days off work to spend some time with my family (majorly my sister)  and to just give my body some rest and pampering. A treat if you may. I needed it, my body needed it,  my mind longed for it. 
I had the opportunity of vacaying in Malindi and in Watamu. If someone woke me up at 1 am in the morning and asked me to choose a holiday destination then I would effortlessly choose a destination with sandy beaches. It's my default place to go. 
Watamu has a variety of accommodation options some with a beach front and others without. So whether or not you would love to wake up to a beautiful sunrise by the ocean will depend on your pocket. 
Also, I think Watamu is a favorite of many because it has a lot of interesting sea sporting activities like snorkeling, deep sea diving,  lunch in the mangroves, you name it. 
Finally ,being the foodie that I am, a holiday experience is never complete if one, there is no variety in food and two if the food is not delicious. I had both at Watamu and Malindi. From sea food to coastal dishes. People, If flights to Malindi were free, I'd fly there each and everyday just to have pilau for lunch.
Having said that,  I'd love to share some frozen moments from my little escape. Till next time,  have a beautiful March! 

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Monday, February 19, 2018


I just don't want to appear to be doing well, I want to be well. I want to eat well, live well, be loved well, sleep well and of course dress well!
Not that this has anything to do with this post, well it does, a lil bit, but just like I shared with you guys in my New Years post, this is the year of self-love, getting out of my comfort zone, it's the year of taking risks! No matter how old you are, there's always some more of you left to discover.
In the same spirit of doing new things and getting out of my comfort zone, this is what I wore to the world premiere of Black Panther. Before I talk about my outfit, if you haven't watched Black Panther yet, you better. The experience was worth every effort. I was actually left yearning for more,  and the fact that black representation was almost 100 percent, it felt great. I mean, just sitting there and watching your fellow people of color do awesome things. Since I don't want to spoil the surprise for you, I'll stop at that.Just go watch it.
This mermaid gown is everything I wanted for this evening, considering that before the #blackpanther screening, we were treated to an awesome fashion show by Sir Jay Suits.
I paired it with a pair of wooden African themed earrings to give it a "wakanda" vibe. The same pair I wore for this look.
To tie everything up together, I got my #nyasubalocs did and spiced up with handmade accessories that worked out so well.I am a lover of subtle colors,so I went for maroon.
How do you love this look?Please let me know in the comments section.
Till next time,  have a productive week ahead!
Outfit by Sewe Kenya.You can check them out on instagram @sewekenya

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