Thursday, June 14, 2018


There's so many things  I am not content about as a Kenyan citizen but heck we are bomb af. You can sure tell that by the way social media is awash with memes about getting an Eid holiday on a Friday.
One fine Kenyan even went ahead and requested that we k in kindly be accorded the opportunity to supply a moon if it doesn't appear in the skies by Friday. Who bewitched us? 
Anyways, been a minute since we talked in this forum and a lot has happened since. 

I took the above photo on one of the very tiny but super busy streets of Malindi on a warm evening during Iftar.
So let's play catch up !
Obsessed with Smule. It's all I do after work these days, see my life. 
Wondering why I'm just learning about Smule
Eating a mango.One huge mango currently goes for ten shillings in Coasto.I got me a few. Yea
Wearing my favourite snickers. This is also another current obsession, lately I am more into comfort than anything else but still... Smule beats everything. 
Talking about this long weekend that's ahead of us. It's all I've been going on about this whole week. 
Watching Britannia. I love me some oldie TV shows. If you are fascinated by Game of thrones, Thor, Vikings, The Outsiders and the like then this will definitely make you go ga ga. 
Reading "Born A Crime " by Trevor Noah. I've actually been reading this for ages, in bits majorly because it's perhaps the most hilarious book I've read, so I don't want it to end. And even if it did, I'd read it all over again. Damn, and they are doing a movie version of it, with Lupita playing Trevor's mum. How dope is that? 
Dreaming of Bali. Online pictures of this heavenly place make me weak and each time they made me feel like I wasn't ready.  Imma plan for that vacation and it's gonna come true. As long as God gives me good health. Can I hear an amen? 
Missing my family being in one place and mama bear spoiling us with sumptuous meals. 
Laughing at how hard Arsenal is gon be beaten by Manchester City when the new season of  EPL begins.😂😂😂😂
That's all from me, 
Eid Mubarak to my Muslim family 


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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


I was woken up by the soft splattering  sound of the morning rain and his warm masculine hands holding my fingers above my head."I love your nails" he murmured in something that sounded like a drunken voice.I love his voice in the morning. It's just the perfect way to wake up.It's something between a croak and a husk and it could wake you up from any sweet dream.
Several minutes later I was standing in the middle of the cast iron roofless bathroom that so gracefully stands behind his grass thatched house.As I scooped the lukewarm water that he'd so dutifully boiled using his three-stoned fireplace and poured it on my back, several things criss-crossed my mind. I had known him for years, yet I knew nothing about him ,save his name.What made him happy?My nails perhaps. Just my nails though?
I kept wondering if he was real, if he was psycho, or if he was a keeper.I knew he loved me, but I couldn't quite place that love.I was there, right in that bathroom in flesh, but my mind had left me, my soul and my heart had conspired to leave, to explore the possibility of trying to decipher  this man.
As I stepped out of the bathroom, he was standing right outside with an old tired towel that appeared like it had wiped more bodies than a mortuary attendant's hands had.I looked at his rather expressionless face, and was met with his ever smiley eyes and for the very first time I noticed how clean cut his facial features were. Eyes that could see right through you and a jawline that said "I am he".We were both stuck in a moment of awe;I can't exactly explain what got him staring, but I can tell you what got me staring.
I briskly walked back into the hut, avoiding eye contact and trying to hide the grin on my face and voila!just like magic, breakfast was ready; stir fried sweet potatoes and African tea spiced with some rosemary and lemon grass.I didn't know so much about him but I sure knew he had good taste in the fine things this life has to offer.I included.*wink
We ate in silence and no one said anything about the previous night.Perhaps the tea was that good.Good enough to just make you want to gulp it down and do nothing else.Even so, more thoughts flooded my mind. I wondered if he had any aspirations, about what kind of future he wanted, if he was just an average man or if he wanted to be extra.I was sure about one thing though, he was king in this palace, in this jungle.  Amidst all these thoughts, I saw a bright future, that maybe one day he'll build a better house, that one day he'll be able to pipe some water into that house, that one day his bathroom will have a roof, and that his spring metal bed will be a thing of the past .
He suddenly opened his mouth to say something when I was rudely interrupted by a call from the chomelea guy asking me to go pick my basin. I checked the time and it was 8.30 am. I had overslept!
What to do? I simply called in sick at work and walked half asleep to the kitchen to fix me some breakfast. Half way there I slumped on the couch and the next time I opened my eyes it was midday.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Megan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding: Guests' Outfits

It's official! We aren't seeing Megan Markle on Suits anymore. Prince Harry and Megan Markle tied the knot at St. George's Chapel at the Windsor Castle making Megan the Duchess of Sussex, and as it is there was no shortage of style. Fine style. So here are some of my favorite looks from the royal wedding. We shall talk about David Beckham's outfit later.
Photos courtesy of E Online

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Even in a room filled with a thousand and one people , there are men who's presence cannot be ignored, whose presence you can't just wish away . And he is one of those men. Sitting across the table, with the whole restaurant  filled with his glorious presence, he held my left hand and asked " What is your perfect Friday night ?" 
"I love to soak in solitude. I love to take a long hot shower, feed on a good homemade meal, massage some coconut oil  on every inch of my skin, switch off the lights, light some scented candles, and spend the evening on my bed thinking about nothing and basking in the glory of coconuty scents" 

There are certain words that have never and perhaps will never ever come out of my mouth. Things like,  "I have a huge chunk of coconut in the fridge that I can't wait to get home and devour"Or things like can you come over? I have two nuts " Sorry, two coconuts 😂😂😂,  for the simple fact that coconuts aren't my favorite things to eat. 

You are an ordinary girl and hair-care is the least of your problems. Then you wake up one morning and it suddenly occurs to you that you could actually do more for your hair and your face gets lucky too. honestly speaking ,I do not have any particularly reason as to why I settled for this brand, my choice was basically influenced by online reviews. Nothing more. 

Before jumping into the whole point of this post, I'd love to make two things clear : One, this is not a sponsored post and two, this review is totally random and is not something I planned to do,  which is why I won't share any before and after pictures of my hair. 
 I have been using coconut oil for quite a bit now (about 9 months) on my hair and as a moisturizer for my face.  As you may have heard or already know, it comes in solid form and before application you might need to do some melting. The good thing is that once you rub it a bit in between your palms it melts down really fast. 
But... God knows the amount of struggle we are going through with our coconut oil in this weather. It's as solid as a rock and fingers no longer work.You gotta use a spade to scoop the damn thing.

One thing I love about coconut oil is that it's featherweight on the skin/scalp and pretty easy to apply. I have seen tremendous results with my hair and for sometime now, I have been toying with the idea of going natural but then, I do not have the heart yet, or the patience. Before I began using coconut oil on my hair,  it was really thin and it didn't have such life as it does now, and apparently I never imagined that I needed to do something about that, I was doing okay until I decided to. Nine months later, why lie... I love what I'm seeing... and feeling... and touching.I have gained so much length and body.  My hair even seems a little tougher and stronger than it used to be and breakage is very minimal. For my hair, I love to mix my coconut oil with some olive oil and Indian Hemp. I don't have any kind of scientific justification as to why I craft this mixture but somehow I always feel it will give me something and I think it has.

Coconut oil on my face? Nothing. I actually gave up on trying after using it for about four months because it didn't seem to make any kind of difference. Kinda felt like a waste of time, so I just decided to stick to religiously using it on my hair and I am honestly totally happy with the results. 
When it comes to skincare routine and products,  it's all about what works for you . A regimen is either working or not, there's no in between or waiting for ten years for some sort of miracle. One challenge with this though, is that transportation is a nightmare, considering how fast it melts. I could use some suggestions guys. 
If  you have used or are using coconut oil on your hair or your skin,  I'd really love to read about your experience in the comments section.
See you soon. 

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Photo: Disney pictures 
Thor gets another eye. Lol. 
Avengers: Infinity war is the most average movie that I have watched in a bit. The trailer was epic  but then it turns out it was just bait. Not necessarily what you get. The ending isn't what you'd expect it to be,  making it more of a half of a movie. The ability of the movie to evoke emotions is almost zero. It felt like watching a television series from episode 10 all the way up to episode 1, in reverse. Everything is so all over the place. 
Perhaps one thing I expected as a Marvel super hero sequel fan was to see some of my favorite superheroes in action, which I actually did,  but then whatever makes these characters our favorites is seeing them do awesome stuff on set, but the screen time allocated for each was way too limited. In simpler terms, Infinity War is a crowded movie,  way too busy and overstuffed with the usual Marvel problems. The movie is characterized by way too much action such that the characters are hardly accorded one on one interaction. I appreciate that they are bundled into smaller working groups but then there are certain long desired unions that we  were hoping to see in the film which did not happen. The film has an epic scope but it miserably fails to hit the height of the expectations that were set by the trailer. 
I will give it to Marvel though for making the film as humorous as it is, although it seems a little overdone :It's their style. 
Action movies are my favorite but a little humor usually goes a long way in making them more entertaining. In Infinity War, Thor keeps referring to the Rocket Raccoon as "the rabbit "  but then somewhere along the line they end up forming a formidable partnership. Their heart to heart is the truly dramatic moment of the film. The highlight.
An anticlimax though, lots and lots of people die in this film including the black panther and I think Gamora dies too... Heart breaking. Well it's not clear if she dies or not... I sure hope not. And if all these characters are truly dead, how will they be brought back? I'm curious. 
On the flip side, the quality of the visuals is great,  I watched the movie in an IMAX theatre and I can sure vouch for the "shot with IMAX cameras" line. Also, the fact that the super women of Marvel are granted a dedicated scene to outwit each other and show their prowess in action is extremely thrilling , and guess where this happens: In Wakanda. 
Avengers: "Infinity War" may be the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, but it's not anywhere  near the best. It is essentially a good prequel for what to expect next year. 
Finally, how did Thor know how to get to Wakanda? 

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Monday, April 30, 2018


The sailor said to her " Be careful girl" . In defiance, she raised her legs up and rested them on the edge of the boat.
What a sight! He exclaimed 

Yes,  she asserted, "The horizon is beautiful "
There are some experiences you never forget. Like watching an eagle perched on a water depth mark for two hours or even more,  unbothered, not a single care in the world, or getting stuck on an island with no hope of ever getting out, but also blessed with the privilege of basking in the beauty of a large water body,  the horizon or a sunset if you're lucky enough .
  The wildlife  are not caged and a couple of times you'll catch a zebra swinging it's hips home or an eagle perched on the hump of a warthog all pimped up and looking  like a million dollars. 
The best part? The park has a nature trail that goes through the undulating landscapes and hiking through it could be the icing on the cake for the Ndere Island experience. Your safety is almost always guaranteed as most of the animals that inhabit the island are not harmful, well I spotted one or two bee hives.Lol
Standing at the peak of the island,  one is able to get a 360 degree view of the place. ( Check my instagram for the video) . At this position , you'll be treated to a panoramic view of Homa hills in the South; its sister island Magere Island, Lake Victoria and Kampala majestically lying in the south western horizon. Lawd,  I thought I'd seen beautiful things. Sigh. 

Park fees cost Ksh. 300 for Kenyan citizens and 25 USD for non citizens, but the boat ride from the mainland to the island is a little costly,ranging between Ksh 3000 and Ksh 5000 depending on the package you choose,  which again depends on the kinda experience you'd love to have. Oh,  interestingly there's the option of just going round the Island in a boat. I am a very curious human, hence my choice for a hike through the island, which lasted about 2 hours.I did not keep tabs of the distance of the trail but it could be estimated to about 5km or something. I ain't sure and I forgot to ask.
Also,  the Kenya Wildlife Service has put up two camping sites just in case you'd love some of that.
I'd love to share some tips just in case you decide to do this.
1.In case you decide to drive from kisumu an SUV would be ideal. You don't want to get stuck in mud in the middle of nowhere when it rains. I think it's important to note that you can get to Ndere from Kisumu by boat. 
2.Carry with you a pair of binoculars. Guys, the view of the surrounding from the peak of the island is breathtaking. You'll be luckier if you visit on a day when the weather is perfect.
3. Water is life. Carry some to quench your thirst when the climb gets tough.
I think it's pretty disappointing that there's no form of accommodation on the island but then again it could be due to the need to maintain an equilibrium in it's ecosystem.Maybe. Nevertheless, this is one of the most beautiful destinations I've found myself at.
So that's it guys. Catch you soon. 

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